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  • Burn Restrictions are in place for Elbert and El Paso Counties. See below for details.

  • Public notice-a call for nominations-Calhan Fire Protection District Board of Directors. Click below for the public notice details

  • To Download a copy of this years Transparency notice, Click below.

Winter is upon us!

Winter is upon us!

  • Clear your garage and home of excessive stored papers and other items that can fuel a fire.
  • Keep dead vegetation away from the edge of the house.
  • Check the batteries in your carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms!
  • Keep a "winter survival kit" inside of your home and vehicles. These kits should include necessary items in case of major snow event. Items such as blankets, flashlights, non perishable foods, water, etc..
  • Check propane bottles, regulators and piping for campers, grills, etc. for leaks and cracks before use. Never store propane indoors.
Ambulance 1481 by the station

Burn restrictions are in place in El Paso and Elbert Counties! Please continue to use caution outdoors! 


Weather Safety Tips

  • Be sure to have your vehicles tires checked by your mechanic. The key to avoiding slide offs is to have good traction! Remember, unless its an essential need it is always safest to stay home when the roads are icy.
  • Long exposure times to the cold can cause medical problems. Be aware of signs and symptoms of frost bite and hypothermia. If working outside, work in short increments to avoid cold emergencies..
  • Protect your property. Keep grass and excesive weeds trimmed and remove combustible materials from the edges of your house. Even in winter, grass fires are still a major threat!
  • Be aware of changing weather patterns, and keep an eye on the forecast. Be Prepared.

Open Burning Information

Open Burning Information

Get a permit BEFORE you burn.​

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