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  • Burn Restrictions are in place for Elbert and El Paso Counties. See below for details. 

Fall is quickly approaching!

Fall is quickly approaching!

  • Clear your garage and home of excessive stored papers and other items that can fuel a fire.
  • Keep dead vegetation away from the edge of the house.
  • Store gasoline outside of the home and in a garage or shed. Keep tightly sealed.
  • Outdoor barbeque grills should be placed in a safe area and used with caution.
  • Check propane bottles, regulators and piping for campers, grills, etc. for leaks and cracks before use. Never store propane indoors.
Ambulance 1481 by the station

El Paso County Sheriff's Office wants remind everyone, that because El Paso County is under Stage 1 Fire Restrictions, the sale, use or possession of fireworks is illegal. 


Warm Weather Safety Tips

High temperatures and hot dry climate are the bread and butter for outside fires. Take precautions to prevent these by maintaining your property and reducing ignition sources by taking safety precautions during all outdoor activities.

    The warmer weather usually calls for more outdoor activities like grilling, boating, swimming, camping and more. As people become more active during the warmer months, it’s important to be careful and make everyone’s safety a priority in all of these activities. Stay hydrated and make safe choices!

  • Stay hydrated! It's helpful to keep a waterbottle with you and keep extras in your vehcile to avoid dehydration.
  • Long exposure times to the heat can cause medical problems. Be aware of signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion and dehydration. If working outside, work in short increments to avoid overexertion.
  • Protect your property. Keep grass and excesive weeds trimmed and remove combustible materials from the edges of your house.
  • Be aware of activities that can be ignition sources for grass fires like welding, cutting metal, mowing, shooting, etc,. Keep a water source readily available if doing any of these activities.
El Paso County Sheriff has implemented Stage 1 Fire Restrictions Elbert County Sheriff has implemented Stage III Burn Restrictions

Check out this link to see the details of Stage 1 Fire Restrictions for El Paso County. 

Check out this  link to see the details of Stage III Burn Restrictions for Elbert County

Please be very cautious when operating machinery, shooting, or using other equipment outdoors. An abundant supply of dry fuels can lead to the rapid spread of wildfires.

Open Burning Information

Open Burning Information

Get a permit BEFORE you burn.​

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