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  • We are hosting our annual Pankcake Breakfast! Come on out to the station at 725 4th Street on July 14th from 7-11AM for some free breakfast and other fun activities!
  • There are no burn restrictions at this time for El Paso County.
  • Please check Facebook page for day to day Red Flag Warning posts.
  • Click link below for current fire danger

Summer is here!

Summer is here!
  • Make sure your home has a defensible space around it
  • Know two ways out incase of a fire
  • Check the batteries in your carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms!
  • For outdoor activates make sure you have plenty of water and wear appropriate clothing/footwear
  • If using a grill, make sure that it is not around any combustible material and out from under any decks or eves of the house
  • Have an evacuation plan in place and have a quick "go" kit easily accessible in case of wildfire
  • "Go" kits should include, water, medications, photos, non perishable foods, valuables etc....
  • Double check your vehicle for your children and pets before entering your home or a business
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There are no burn restrictions in place in El Paso and Elbert Counties! Please continue to use caution outdoors! 


Summer Safety Tips

  • Drink plenty of water or Gatorade to remain well hydrated at all times while working or playing outside
  • Long exposure times to the heat can cause medical problems. Be aware of signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. If working outside, work in short increments and stay in the shade to avoid heat emergencies.
  • Protect your property. Keep grass and excessive weeds trimmed and remove combustible materials from the edges of your house. During summer, grass fires are a major threat!
  • Be aware of changing weather patterns, and keep an eye on the forecast. Be Prepared.

Open Burning Information

Open Burning Information

Get a permit BEFORE you burn.​