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Calhan Fire Protection District

Calhan Fire Protection District

The Calhan Fire Protection District provides fire protection for 255 square miles.

We are a combination fire department whose heart and soul is our volunteers. Currently, we have six full time firefighters, as well as 15 active volunteer members. Our trained personnel range from Firefighters, EMT Basics, EMT Intermediates and Paramedic levels. We are dedicated to providing the best patient care and fire protection in our community.

We work closely with other surrounding fire departments to provide additional resources. We also work closely with American Medical Response to ensure top level patient care along with Flight For Life and UCHealth Lifeline.

Calhan Fire

We believe the first few moments in any Emergency can make all the difference and this is what we dedicate our services too.

Become a Member

Become a Member



We are always looking for volunteers who are interested in becoming firefighters.

If you're over 18 years of age, you live in the Calhan Fire Protection District, and are interested in impacting your community in the fire and emergency service, please contact us at the links below. 

Click Here to request a application, Or give us a call at (719)-347-3057

Calhan Fire Cadet Program

Calhan Fire Cadet Program

The Cadet Firefighter Program was instituted by the Calhan Fire Protection District as a training program for young men and women, ages 14-18, who are interested in serving their community and preparing to become active firefighters upon reaching the age of 18. At age 18, the cadet firefighter is eligible to become a full member of the Calhan Fire Department upon successful completion of a three months’ probation at full firefighter status.

As a Cadet Firefighter, members may serve in a supportive role for the active firefighters at actual emergencies as a supplement to a formal training program. In both training sessions and actual emergency situations, the safety of the Cadet is of paramount concern to the department. As such, the activities of the cadet firefighters are limited in scope and a fire officer or his/her designee will closely supervise them.

The cadet firefighters quickly become an integral part of the firefighting team during emergencies, serving in such important capacities as establishing a water supply, supplying equipment for interior firefighters, changing air packs, manning exterior hose lines and assisting with interior overhaul once the fire has been extinguished.

Those selected are expected to act in a mature manner and commit to a demanding long-term program. To request an application call (719)-347-3057 or Email Us